offers projects

For businesses looking to better understand their customers and users, and to develop a customer culture within their organization.

A comprehensive picture to better apprehend different types of customers and users, and to identify and anticipate their needs, even those unexpressed.

A tailor-made methodology and collaborative work tools to improve the customer experience and create new product and service offerings.

For businesses that have identified pathways for innovation and want to verify their relevance and impact.

An iterative process for designing, prototyping and testing a solution until its suitability in terms of the customer, business and technology has been confirmed.

Alternating timed sequences, in-house and in the field, to reinforce your team’s commitment and to sustain the project.

For businesses seeking to develop innovative products and services with a real customer/market impact.

A systematic and creative user-focused approach to create brand-new products and services, and ensure their relevance on the market.

A team of experienced and multi-talented people, able to maximize the intersection between business, design and technology.

For businesses looking to diversify their activity while keeping their teams focused on their core trade.

A full innovation system managed in close collaboration with your teams and covering all stages of the project, from exploration of possible avenues to launching the business.

A gradual process and project framework that allows for investments to be secured step by step.

An experienced and multi-faceted team (business, design and technology) that can take charge of the project and stay on course, even when you must manage other concerns.


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