Souffl is a design and innovation studio that co-develops strategic projects with entrepreneurial leaders to come up with strong ideas and devise new business models.
Souffl identifies and surpasses the needs of target users to create innovative and meaningful solutions.

Created in 2014 by Nicolas Baumgartner, Arnaud Carrette, and Fabien Fumeron, the team centers on a shared vision:
to design a more humane, more responsive future.

We thrive at the intersection of the worlds of R&D, the creative sector, and design.

We use this to drive innovation, from the invention phase up to mechanization.
From the very start, we have collaborated with bold leaders operating within startups, dynamic mid-size companies, and major international corporations.

Together we have begun to develop new services, products, and businesses in a variety of sectors (mobility, real estate, entertainment and sports, healthcare, and banking and insurance).

To generate innovation, you must first be ambitious in your vision. To innovate is to be an entrepreneur and take a path that has yet to be mapped out.

The suitability and strength of an idea come from keen observation and an understanding of users.

Curiosity and empathy are the best starting points from which to invent the future.

Complex subjects require cooperation between different professions, skill sets, and cultures.

Our team of associates hails from all around the globe (Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zurich, Lausanne, New York, Brussels, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Munich, Milan, etc.) and a variety of disciplines, including graphic and interaction designers, product designers, profilers and design analysts, innovation project managers, developers, client relations managers, technical directors, creative directors, chief operating officers, etc.

our clients:

  • Ubisoft

  • Paristurf

  • Arval

  • Adecco

  • Manutan

  • RATP

  • AXA

  • Suez

  • GMF


  • Alianz

  • SNCF

  • Weldom

  • Compose

  • CréditAgricole



  • Roche