Souffl is a design and innovation company helping its clients to explore, develop and build the future of their business. Souffl was created in 2014 by three partners – Nicolas Baumgartner, Arnaud Carrette et Fabien Fumeron – around a shared vision of designing a more human and conscious future.

  • One and the same team

    We form a unified team with our clients, set up to undertake, progress quickly and go in the field, listen, observe, test and confirm.

  • A customized process

    After conducting a thorough assessment, we plan the custom process that meets your time-to-market and investment targets while ensuring you keep ownership of the project.

  • Hybrid

    We make full use of our creativity and skills at the intersection of design, business and technology to search for, experiment with and identify solutions by always pushing the boundaries.

  • Our Clients

  • Ubisoft

  • Paristurf

  • Arval

  • Adecco

  • Manutan

  • Weldom

  • Suez

  • CréditAgricole

  • SNCF

  • GMF

  • AXA